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Charly Baumann Tiger Act, Mixed Animal Act, Juggling on the Front Track
Stevenson Riding Act
Moscow Circle on Ice
King Charles Troupe, RBBB Blue Unit
Russian Ice Show in US
Picaso Juggling Act, Once Upon A Circus Spec
Sue and Rudi Lenz, Picaso, and Mickey Antalik
Ice Show in One Ring, Jugglers II, Five Man Comedy Musicians, Man and Girl Skaters
Juggling Acrobats, Big Jar, Tumbling, Three Girls Head-to-Head
Chinese Performers, Big Jug, Balancing, Juggling and Arial Acts
Bo Bo Barnett Dog Act, Juggling Act
Aerial Perch Act, Aerial Head Balancing Act
Perch Act, Juggling Act, Acrobats
Beatty-Cole, Captain Freddie Logan Elephant Act Part I, RBB Red Unit
Chinese Acts, Ring of Knives, Foot Juggling, Unicycle
Chinese Acts, Risley Act, Cup and Saucer I
Popov the Russian Clown, Hand Balancing Act, Juggler
King Charles Troupe
Moscow Circus
Gunther Gebel-Williams Early Footage, Rogana Sword Balancing
Duplicate Winter Quarters, Hartford, Connecticut Grounds After Fire, Ed Vesteed, Rubber Bowl in Ohio
Gunther Gebel-Williams, Sarah Chapman, and Various Acts