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Letter to Mrs. Eppes from Jessie Ball duPont (Mrs. Alfred I. DuPont)
Letter to Mrs. Eppes from Richard J. Duval, Assoc. Prof., Librarian of the United States Naval Academy
John Branch
Typed record of Eppes ancestry by Aunt Sue to "My Dear Eppes Boys"
Noblesse Oblige
Letter to Mr. Yonge
Handwritten family history by Susan Bradford Eppes
Letter to Dr. Arthur Randolph from J. R. Kean
Bradford Genealogy
Letter to "My dear Mrs. Eppes" from Mary C. Vance
A family history of the Bradfords
Letter to Mrs. Eppes from Hollins N. Randolph, President of the Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association
Letter to Mrs. Eppes from Mrs. A. Coe Carpenter