Submission to DigiNole: FSU's Research Repository requires that authors enter into a simple author’s agreement regarding the deposit and use the items being submitted. This agreement reaffirms your desire to deposit your work in an openly accessible repository, and warrants the rights and permissions associated with that action.

Author Agreement for Deposit in Florida State University’s institutional repository

I hereby grant permission to the library to deposit my scholarly works (the “Works”) in Florida State University’s open access repository as it may evolve (the “Repository”), to be stored and made available publicly.

Where I retain the right, I grant to Florida State University (“FSU”) the non-exclusive right to preserve and reproduce the Works, and to display, distribute and make the Works available publicly without charge from the Repository, in any format.

In addition, if I am a member of the faculty of FSU, which has adopted the campus-wide open access policy found at, this confirms my grant to FSU of a non-exclusive license with respect to my scholarly articles as set forth in that policy.

I represent and warrant that:

  • I have the right to deposit the Works in the Repository and to grant to FSU the rights granted above;
  • If I am submitting on behalf of the author, I certify that I am a duly appointed agent with the explicit or implied authority to grant to FSU the rights granted above;
  • The Works do not infringe or violate any copyright or other rights of a publisher or any other party. Distribution of the Works from the Repository will not infringe or violate any such rights;
  • If the Works contain any material for which I do not hold copyright, I have obtained all rights necessary to permit the Works, including that material, to be distributed and made available from the Repository;
  • If the Works contain any material for which I do not hold copyright, and for which I have not obtained rights to distribute or make available, my use of that material is fair use;
  • If the Works are based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than FSU, any right to review or other such obligations of the sponsorship or support agreement have been fulfilled.

If I have specified an embargo date as allowed in the deposit process, I understand that FSU will delay making the Works publicly available in the Repository until that date.

If the Works were prepared jointly with other authors, I am consenting to the Agreement on their behalf as well as my own, and am authorized to do so.